American Kestrel Video by Greg Gard

Greg Gard shared this video of one of our American Kestrels eating a dragonfly on Disposal Road.

(Thanks, Greg!)

3 thoughts on “American Kestrel Video by Greg Gard

  1. Greg Gard

    This video, and photographs, were taken along the Disposal Road. On the left side of this page, you will find NJMC DIRECTIONS to various birding sites in the area, Disposal Rd being one of them. If you travel along that road, you should be able to see American Kestrels either flying over the landfill or perched on the trees, poles, black pipes (area close to the “red dumpster” being most popular). Be patient. If this is your first visit to the DeKorte Park, don’t limit yourself to the Disposal Road. Much more awaits you at the park. 
    Don’t forget binoculars! 


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