Bird Report: Secaucus and DeKorte

In Secaucus, Ray Duffy reports:  At Schmidt's Woods this morning,  I had a male Blue-winged Warbler, female/immature Chestnut-sided Warbler and a yellow American Redstart in the woods. (Thanks, Ray!)

In DeKorte's Shorebird Pool this morning, Least Bitterns were seen early. No word of the Tricolored Heron. Plenty of Forster's Terns, Great and snowy Egrets and Semiplamated Sandpipers.

2 thoughts on “Bird Report: Secaucus and DeKorte

  1. Mike G.

    Good views of the Tricolored Heron today at about 3:30. The bird was hunting the Shorebird Pool side of the Transco trail from East to West. We ran into it where the Discovery Trail and the Transco meet, and followed it all the way down the shoreline. The bird is not very shy. No sign of the bitterns.


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