2012 Big Year Awards Ceremony!

The Bergen County Audubon Society and the Meadowlands Commission gave out their Meadowlands Big Year awards last night.

The big winners were Chris Takacs of Lyndhurst  (who saw the most species of birds overall — 211) and  the Meadowlands Commission's park lands, which received a wonderful donation of $211 ($1 for each species) from BCAS in Chris' name.

In the photo above, BCAS president Don Torino (left) has presented Chris (center) with his first-place plaque and a check for $211 to Chris and the NJMC (represented by Jim Wright (right).

Congrats, Chris, and thanks again to the BCAS!

But wait! There's more.

Three other award winners also present were Doug Morel, who tied with Ramon Gomez for first place in the out-of-district residents category, Ray Duffy, who placed second in the in-district category, and Julie McCall, who placed third in the in-district category.

Not able to attend: Ramon Gomez (tied for first place, out-of-district) and Mike Wolfe, third place out of district.

We will post the winning totals by out-of-district residents Ramon Gomez and Doug Morel tomorrow  — 171 species each.

A photo of the four winners from last night follows.

l. to r.:  Chris Takacs, Doug Morel, Ray Duffy and Julie McCall.

Congrats to all!

2 thoughts on “2012 Big Year Awards Ceremony!

  1. Jimmy Lee

    Is there a list of the birds that Chris saw? It would occasional Meadowlands visitors, like myself, a good idea of what is being seen. Just a thought.
    Congratulatons Chris!


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