And the Winners Are….

Congratulations to everyone who competed in our first-ever Meadowlands Big Year competition. We saw an amazing number of great birds — 2013 will be hard-pressed to equal 2012.

The grand prize winner, Chris Takacs of Lyndhurst (above), saw an astounding 211 species –  five more than NJMC staffer Mike Newhouse, who set the bar for the other entrants.

In the “out of district” category, we had a two-way tie. Doug Morel of Mahwah and Ramon Gomez of West New York each saw 171 species. We will post their photos as soon as we can get them.

For their Herculean efforts, all three birders receive an autographed copy of the new book “The Nature of the Meadowlands,” an NJMC pontoon boat ride for two and  a one-year membership in the Meadowlands Environment Center public programming.

Because Chris had the highest tally, the Bergen County Audubon Society is donating $211 — one for each species — in Chris’ name to buy native plants for a Meadowlands park or natural area. (Thanks, BCAS!)

The awards will be presented at the next BCAS meeting, at 8 p.m. on Wednesday, Jan. 16, at the Teaneck Creek Conservancy, 20 Puffin Way
Teaneck, NJ.

We will try to post the lists from all three birders when we can.

Full results follow.

Here are the winning tallies for the top three birders in each divison — each will receive a certificate from Bergen County Audubon Society:

In District:

1. Chris Takacs:  211

2. Ray Duffy:  178 

3. Julie McCall: 163

Out of District:  

1.  Tie: Ramon Gomez 171
            Doug Morel: 171

3. Mike Wolfe 166


1. Chris Takacs:  211 (lives in district)

2. Mike Newhouse 206 (NJMC naturalist, setting a target number for competitors)

3. Ray Duffy:  178  (in district)

4. Tie: Ramon Gomez 171 (lives out of district)
           Doug Morel: 171 (out of district)

6. Mike Wolfe 166 (Out of district, stealth candidate)

8. Julie McCall: 163 species  (in district)

9. Dennis Cheeseman: 153  (out of district)

10. Roy Woodford: 137 (out of district)

11. Rob Fanning 125 (out of district)

12. Lillian Rivera: 121 (out of district)


Here were the stadings as of Oct.31

1. Chris Takacs:  202  (lives in district; counting birds within district boundaries, not district towns)
1a. Mike Newhouse 202 (NJMC naturalist, setting a target number for competitors)
3. Ray Duffy:  172 (in district) 
4. Ramon Gomez 162 (out of district)
4a. Julie McCall: 162 species  (in district)
6. Doug Morel: 158 (out of district)
7. Jim Wright: 153 (NJMC staff; had forgotten to include Losen Slote totals on eBird until now.)
8. Dennis Cheeseman: 143  (out of district)
9. Roy Woodford: 126 (out of district)
10.  Rob Fanning: 121 (out of district)
11. Lillian Rivera: 116 (out of district)

4 thoughts on “And the Winners Are….

  1. Ian Garrison

    211? Great job, Mr. Takacs! Kudos to Mr. Newhouse as well; 206 is a LOT for just the Meadowlands district!
    Good luck, congratulations, and good birding to everyone who participated!

  2. julie

    Congratulations to the winners and to the rest of my fellow participants! That’s a lot of birds. Do it again in 2013! 🙂


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