Eagle @Disposal Road as of 10:30 Today

Mary Kostus reports seeing a Bald Eagle sitting on a pole on Disposal Road this morning — was still there when she left a half-hour or so ago. (Thanks, Mary!)

Photo above is of an immature Bald Eagle perched on a utility tower just outside DeKorte Park last week. Never had a chance to post, so figured this would be as good a time as any.

2 thoughts on “Eagle @Disposal Road as of 10:30 Today

  1. Pat

    I saw an immature Bald Eagle at the same spot last last Wed. around 1:30 pm. I could not get close enough with my camera to get a good picture. Thanks for the photo Mary and confirming the Bald Eagle is still around DeKorte.

  2. M Kostus

    Actually, it was the mature Eagle I saw. Could not believe how lucky I was to come around the corner and see an Eagle perched on a pole eating it’s brunch. I did not have my camera with me. I texted Meadowlands blog and Jim went down and took the photo later. So credit goes to Jim Wright for the adult Bald Eagle photo, and I’m guessing he took the immature photo last week as well.


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