Full Bird Lists of The Other 2 M’lands Big Year Winners

IMG_4805Last week, we posted the full list of birds seen by 2012 Meadowlands Big Year Grand Prize Winner Chris Takacs.

Today we thought we would post the lists of our other two winners, Doug Morel (left) and Ramon Gomez — both of whom tallied 171 species, the highest totals for competitors who lived outside the district.

Congrats to both Ramon and Doug, and sorry for not having good photos of them to share.

You can download a pdf of Ramon's list below — Ramon did his Big Year old-school, and it's pretty neat to look at.

Download RICOHC550PRO190

Doug's list follows.

Doug Morel/Out of District/171 Species/M'lands Big Year 2012

Pied-billed Grebe                                                


Warbling Vireo

Dbl-crested Cormorant                                        

Bald Eagle                                                  

Red-eyed Vireo

Great Cormorant                                                  

No. Harrier                                                

White-eyed Vireo

Mute Swan                                                        

Sharp-shinned Hawk                                    

Blue-headed Vireo


Cooper's Hawk                                            

No. Parula

Canada Goose                                                     

 Red-tailed Hawk                                          

Black-throated Green Warbler

Am. Black Duck                                                  

Am. Kestrel                                                

Blackpoll Warbler

Wood Duck                                                        


Black & White Warbler


Peregrine Falcon                                         

Black-throated Blue Warbler


Barn Owl                                                    

Magnolia Warbler

No. Pintail                                                           

Great Horned Owl                                       

Chestnut-sided Warbler

Am. Widgeon                                                        

Barred Owl                                                 

Am. Redstart

Green-winged Teal                                                

Long-eared Owl                                           

Palm Warbler 

Blue-winged Teal                                                  

Rock Pigeon                                               

Yellow Warbler

No. Shoveler                                                        

Mourning Dove                                           

Yellow-rumped Warbler


Common Nighthawk                                    

 Pine Warbler

Ring-necked Duck                                                 

Ruby-throated Hummingbird                        

 Orange-crowned Warbler

Greater Scaup                                                       

Belted Kingfisher                                         

Wilson's Warbler

Lesser Scaup                                                         

Yellow-bellied Sapsucker                              

 Nashville Warbler 


Downy Woodpecker                                   

Common Yellowthroat

Ruddy Duck                                                          

Hairy Woodpecker                                      

No. Waterthrush

Hooded Merganser                                                 

Red-bellied Woodpecker                               


Common Merganser                                               

No. Flicker                                                  

Scarlet Tanager

Red-breasted Merganser                                          

Great Crested Flycatcher                              

East. Towhee

Herring Gull                                                           

 Eastern Kingbird                                          

Am. Tree Sparrow

Ring-billed Gull                                                       

Eastern Phoebe                                           

 Chipping Sparrow 

Laughing Gull                                                         

Willow Flycatcher                                       

Field Sparrow

Great Black-backed Gull                                           

Least Flycatcher                                         

Savannah Sparrow

Forster's Tern                                                          

Alder Flycatcher                                         

Fox Sparrow

Black Skimmer                                                         

Horned Lark                                               

Song Sparrow

Great Blue Heron                                                      

Barn Swallow                                             

Lincoln's Sparrow

Little Blue Heron                                                       

Tree Swallow                                             

Swamp Sparrow          

Great Egret                                                               

No. Rough-winged Swallow                        

White-throated Sparrow

Snowy Egret                                                             

 Chimney Swift                                           

White-crowned Sparrow

BC Night Heron                                                         

Blue Jay                                                     

Dark-eyed Junco 

YC Night Heron                                                         

Am. Crow                                                 

Snow Bunting

Green Heron                                                              

Fish Crow                                                 

No. Cardinal

Least Bittern                                                              

Common Raven                                          

 Indigo Bunting

Am. Bittern                                                                

BC Chickadee                                             


Ring-necked Pheasant                                                 

Tufted Titmouse                                         

Red-winged Blackbird

Wild Turkey      

Red-breasted Nuthatch                                

Common Grackle

Virginia Rail                                                                

White-breasted Nuthatch                             

Brown-headed Cowbird


Brown Creeper                                          

Orchard Oriole

Am. Coot                                                                     

House Wren                                              

Baltimore Oriole

Common Gallinule                                                        

Winter Wren                                             

Purple Finch

Semipalmated Plover                                                     

Carolina Wren                                           

House Finch


Marsh Wren                                             

Common Redpoll

Short-billed Dowitcher                                                  

GC Kinglet                                                

Pine Siskin 

Wilson's Snipe                                                               

RC Kinglet                                                 

Am. Goldfinch 

Am. Woodcock                                                            

BG Gnatcatcher                                         

Euro. Starling

Greater Yellowlegs                                                        

Brown Thrasher                                        

House Sparrow

Lesser Yellowlegs                                                          

Gray Catbird                                            

Solitary Sandpiper                                                          

No. Mockingbird

Semipalmated Sandpiper                                                 

Am. Robin

Pectoral Sandpiper                                                         

Gray-cheeked Thrush


Swainson's Thrush

Spotted Sandpiper                                                           

Hermit Thrush

Least Sandpiper                                                               

Wood Thrush 

White-rumped Sandpiper                                                  

Am. Pipit

Turkey Vulture                                                                

Cedar Waxwing


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