Photographers Showcase: Regina Geoghan

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Today's featured photographer is Regina Geoghan, who contributed two images to "The Nature of the Meadowlands" and who is a familiar figure in Jill's Butterfly Garden in DeKorte park in the summer. Regina writes:

"I have been fascinated with nature since I was a small child when I would sit on the ground in our backyard to watch the ant hill activity or Jan 24-2013_ReginaCropped_4248
sneak into a neighboring garden to snap off a flower or two or help my grandfather weed his vegetable garden. 

"My interest in photography began with an old Kodak camera when my own children were babies.  I soon graduated to a basic Canon with interchangeable lenses and that was the beginning of a wonderful adventure of a lifelong attempt to learn how to capture the outdoors that I loved through the camera’s eye.   

"Over the years, there wasn’t much time to concentrate on building a portfolio but recently, after retirement, I have made it a personal challenge to take and post at least one photo a day to my website that captures something of the beauty and goodness of that particular day. Most often they are local outdoor photos but, at times, a still life or an abstract image created indoors.

More about Regina, two more of her photos, and her website follow.

April 16_Green-winged Teal MaleSM_ReginaGeoghan_6584"But, for the most part, my intent is to learn more about the local resources and to focus on and highlight the natural and manmade beauty to be found in northern New Jersey. Without a doubt, two of my favorite ‘go to’ places are DeKorte Park and Mill Creek Marsh. 

"No matter what the season or weather condition, I’m so grateful to be able to be there to walk, explore, learn, and take advantage of the photographic opportunities that are available.  

Website:   To specifically see images from the N.J. Meadowlands, click on the “N.J. Landscapes” and “Winged Things” tabs and scroll to the galleries of interest. 

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