Bird Report 011110: DeKorte and Environs

   Julie McCall reports: "Spent a few hours around DeKorte and Disposal Road Sunday, reaping the rewards of a new pair of binoculars.  I didn't get the shrike but Disposal Road brought me Northern Harriers, Red-tailed Hawks, Northern Mockingbird, White-throated Sparrows, Song Sparrows, Downy Woodpecker.

    "DeKorte had Mallards, Gadwall, Canada Geese, White-throated Sparrows, American Robin, American Goldfinch, Northern Harrier, Downy Woodpecker…

    "The biggest bird of the day:  adult Bald Eagle over the turnpike, circling for a few minutes then heading off toward Secaucus…"

    "The smallest bird of the day:  a Ruby-crowned Kinglet foraging in the shrubs in the Lyndhurst Nature Reserve."  (Thanks, Julie!)


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