New, Improved DeKorte Trail Guide/Map Is Here!

      The Meadowlands Commission is happy to announce that free copies of our DeKorte Cover for webnew and improved DeKorte Park Guide and Map are available at the Meadowlands Environment Center.

  Two minor changes may be of particular note to birders.

   First, we have now included Disposal Road on the map, so those looking for, say, a certain Northern Shrike or raptors can find them more easily.

   Second, we have included a second name for the "Kingland Tidal Impoundment." That huge expanse is now also referred to as "The Shorebird Pool," as it was popularly called back in the day.

   The map also includes all the major trails, and distances, in case you want to see how far you've walked.

   Click the following hypertext to see a copy of the map:  Download OnlineTrail Guidemap

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